The founder of Glamour Fanatic, affectionately known as "The Glamour Fanatic," founded Glamour Fanatic with one simple goal: to provide quality fashion to fashionistas that crave a unique look. We focus on items that will get you excited about shopping again as well as looking fabulous, because buying online should be fun!

     With a true love for fashion and a passion for designs, we bring you various "look at me" styles, however, we also have many designs for the minimalist.  Glamour Fanatic simply brings you the best quality, always. But as a company, we're most proud of our customer service! The customer service that you will receive from Glamour Fanatic is unmatched. Every time!



A Glamour Fanatic has style, because she knows that her personality isn't the first thing that people see.

When she's a Glamour Fanatic, she is very girly, yet extremely confident and strong….she loves herself, flaws and all.  

She’s very spontaneous. A woman that is used to having all eyes on her. A woman that is wanted by many and admired by all.

A woman that can wear a sexy gown, a business suit or even a jogging suit and still be fabulous all the same….but no matter what she never loses control or her sexiness. High heels are her trademark, which in any case give her both extreme femininity, a sexy way of walking, plus unmistakable posture.

She can indifferently be a manager, wife, mother or lover but she is always- and in whatever case- thoroughly a woman, a glamorous woman.