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1. Lose the plastic. First, remove dry-cleaning bags from all hanging garments. The worst thing you can do is have clothing in plastic bags. It deoxidizes garments, causing yellow stains if left for long periods of time. Not to mention the cellophane- like wrapping makes it difficult to sift through hanging outfits. 

2. Replace wire hangers. One by one, remove all wire hangers. They cause "doggie ears" in the shoulders of blouses and coats and rip fabrics like silk, chiffon, and satin. Replace the wire with wooden hangers for uniformity and a hint of sophistication. Plastic hangers work as well as wooden ones. Just be sure that hangers are uniform in size so that closet dimensions are consistent. 

3. Code by color and shape. Organize first by silhouette and then color, making pieces much easier to find. This will also help you to realize which colors you need to buy more of this spring. 

4. See your shoes clearly. Remove all shoes from your over-the-door rack, (which isn't aesthetically pleasing) and into clear shoe bins. Stackable, see-through boxes protect shoes from dirt and debris. Slightly larger boxes are ideal for platforms, wedges and boots. To ensure your walkers keep their shape, insert shoe trees. If you prefer to keep the shoe boxes your shoes came in, attach Polaroids to them before stacking.  

5. Store accessories too. Transfer belts, handbags(already in felt dusters) and jewelry into colorful accessory containers. 

6. Organize jeans. Stock jeans by keeping them folded evenly and stacked so pockets are visible. 

7. Find a handbag in a hurry. Keep up to four frequently carried purses on hooks inside your closet for easy access. 

8. Review your wardrobe at least twice a year. Be honest with yourself, if you come across any item that you haven't worn in a long time and you probably won't wear it for a while, pass it to a younger relative or your favorite charity. 

 Stay GLAM Unicorn!


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