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For most of us, the dreaded driver's license mug shot is the worst photo we'll ever take - and the one we'er forced to show strangers frequently. Since only the kindest DMV clerk will allow you to do a do-over, adopt these simple tricks from L.A. photographer Paul Smith and put your best face forward. 

  1. Wear a tad more makeup than usual to prevent the harsh flash from washing you out. And powder up; shine can kill a photo. 
  2. For good posture, set your feet about hip-width apart. Then place your hands palm up on your backside and drop your shoulders. 
  3. Tilt your chin down a bit. Or, if you have a long nose, look at the camera head-on.
  4. Most faces are asymmetrical, so angle your head with your smaller eye out in front. 

Stay GLAM Unicorn!


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