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Loneliness is rooted in a lack of intimacy with yourself. Loneliness is also rooted in the myth--bought into it by far too many women--that having someone ensures you'll never be lonely. It ensures no such thing. Mates leave, they die, they change. Even if you end up with a life partner, saddling one person with the responsibility for making you happy is a weight that can break that person's back. If you're in turmoil, and someone else enters that atmosphere, they join the turmoil. So we've got to stop indulging these false perceptions of happily ever after. Spend more time alone with yourself, being introspective, meditating, truly getting to know the woman you are. That's the only way out of loneliness into your very own joy. You don't have to be in a personal, intimate relationship with a man to have a significant life. Find fulfillment in giving to other people, serving the community, the environment, animals, God's creations. Get a life.

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