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1. Buy what makes you happiest. For me that means dresses with very feminine touches like ruffles, in bright colors. They put me in a party mood instantly, so I can't help but snatch then up!    

2. Pay serious attention to details. If I rush when I'm getting dressed, I never feel as put together as I could be. So I always try on my look the day before a big event. That way I'm never without the right ring, bag underwear or bra! And always add a splash of perfume before you leave. 

3. My motto: Set it and forget it. It's the idea that once you walk out the door, vow not to fidget or ask every friend in the room if your outfit is right. It's too late to change, so make sure you're comfortable in it before you leave the house!

4. Switch your bag-always. Don't carry your work bag at a party, ever! Keep an evening clutch in your so desk so that you can switch for a night out; it always has mints and lip gloss in it.

5. Create-and replicate-a signature look. Figure out what YOU like, make sure it's something that looks good on you. Whenever you're pinched for time, you already know what looks good on you, just replicate one of your faves. 

Stay GLAM Unicorn!


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